Epiphone Wilshire Phantomatic

Whilst Epiphone are, perhaps, more famed for their Casino, Riviera and Sheraton guitars, there are a number of models that they have produced throughout their history that are equally worthy of your attention.

 The Epiphone Wilshire is one such model. Visually, the Wilshire is the epitome of retro cool, with its own unique styling. And with Alnico Classic and Classic plus pickups, it doesn’t take much effort to dial in classic rock tones. Building on the renewed popularity of the Wilshire, and in collaboration with My Chemical Romance guitarist, Frank Iero, the Epiphone Wilshire Phantomatic has been created.

Killer Looks with Varitone Switching…

With the classic looks of its siblings, you could be forgiven for thinking this was an ordinary Epiphone Wilshire, albeit a Wilshire with a very pretty new finish. And, whilst it does feature many of the things that make the Wilshire great, including the classic, double cutaway mahogany body, set, mahogany, slim-taper neck and Alnico Classic and Classic Plus pickups, the onboard electronics really set this guitar apart.


The Epiphone Wilshire Phantomatic (sometimes written phant-o-matic) features a 6-position Varitone switching system, which employs a mixture of notch filters and coil tapping to provide 18 unique guitar tones. And, in another unique twist, a kill switch is mounted onto one its horns. If you’re a player who likes to create unique tones and effects, then you’ll love this Wilshire. In addition, Wilkinson tuners and an SG style headstock give this guitar a premium look and feel.This is sure to be a huge hit with fans of My Chemical Romance, but has more than enough unique features to make it a very appealing and versatile guitar to anyone playing in nearly any style.


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