REVIEW: Honda Civic Tour

Xcel Energy Center and Honda presents…My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 on the Honda Civic Tour

I have never seen Blink-182 and was curious what it was all about. Going into this show my expectation was not that high. Mat and Kim opened up. Was not there in time to see them.My Chemical Romance was next and they came out with a solid performance. Gerard Way knows how to connect with his audience as he concentrates on them and them only. Ray Toro and Frank Iero were having a hell of a time in St. Paul. I also found out bassist Mikey Way was working with a brand new drummer whom he has only been with the band a week. Over all very well put together set from My Chemical Romance. Also, before the show they had an advertisement on the big commercial screen on the stage towards the Make A Wish foundation work they consistently do… it was a nice touch from a rock band. Way to go guys!Blink-182 fans are dedicated, simple as that. Fans up front with signs, crazy people in the pit, and all of whom have stuck with them for years. Coming into the show I personally knew only a total of 3 songs. Not looking for much but a good show but, I got way more than I expected.

Hitting the stage and not stopping until 90 minutes later. Dirty jokes and dirty talk between songs, well if you know them you know what you get. I was not expecting a stage show that seems right out of 80′s. The stage consisted of the band, a gigantic video screen, and a ton of stage lights. While sitting in back directly in front of the stage it looked 3D, but with no glasses! Oh yeah, did I mention the insane use of lasers? I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I applaud anyone that uses lasers. Travis took a page right out of Tommy Lee’s drum solo secret manual. When seeing the set list I saw the drum solo was 3rd to last song. And I thought ‘why would anyone do a drum solo then?’… sure enough they showed me why. When you go to this years Honda Civic Tour (which I would highly recommend) do not leave early. You have to see this drum solo, which I’m not about to spoil.

The stage show and video screens are amazing and have showed me once again how surprised you can be by a concert. Overall, a great show!

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