My Chemical Romance planning new side projects

Frank Iero promises a quick return to the studio though

My Chemical Romance have said that they may well pursue new side projects as they come to the end of their touring cycle for their fourth album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’. 
Speaking to Kerrang!, guitarist Frank Iero, who fronts his own sideproject Leathermouth already, has said that he believes the other members of the New Jerseyrockers could follow a similar path. 

Asked about the prospect of the other members of My Chemical Romanceforming side projects, Iero said:

“I can see the other guys branching off and doing other things. Gerard [Way] has his writing, and he has plans for that, but he wants to direct too. And Ray [Toro] is such an incredible talent. I’d love to see him get the credit he’s due. I can see us branching off, but always coming back to this.”

The guitarist also indicated that My Chemical Romance would be recording again soon adding:

 “We’re being very creative right now. There are some really bright and creative things going   on. At every soundcheck, we’re coming up with new pieces of music that could turn into something incredible. So we’re hoping to get into the studio soon and really harness that.”

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