My Chemical Romance Secret Studio Visit With Guitar Tech. Punk Rock Dave

We where invited to come down to the studio to wire up some pedals and do some A-B listening with Dave. Cable has such a huge effect on delivering signal to all the gear to have amazing tone and a dynamic recording.
The guys have a lot of guitars, pedals and amplifiers and we saw some very rare vintage gear. Dave manages all the gear and keeps them running like a swiss watch.
Punk Rock Dave at his workbench with the huge job of keeping all the MCR guitars, basses and gear ready to go.
With all of the stuff Dave has to do he uses SLUG solderless plugs and cable. “It so easy, super durable and won’t come loose and has great tone… get it!”
Thank you to Dave and MCR for the visit.
Punk Rock Dave is currently in the studio with MCR. He has been the tech for Jerry Cantrell, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Distillers, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bronx, Eagles of Death Metal, Chris Cornell.

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