Watch My Chemical Romance’s ‘Sing’ ‘Pop Up’ Video!

My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” gets the “Pop Up Video” treatment.

My Chemical Romance‘s “Sing” recently got the “Pop Up Video” treatment, which means we now have year another opportunity to fist-pump (in a very non-“Jersey Shore” way, of course) to the anthem’s cinematic moment while actually learning things. Just doing our part to help you become THE BEST Trivial Pursuit: MCR Edition player ever, just in case that version ever comes out. (Attention, Hasbro: we’re waiting.)

Watch My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” Pop Up Video after the jump.
Thanks to our friends over at VH1, we learn that the “Sing” video continues the visual saga that began in the group’s “Na Na Na” video — a post-apocalyptic themed storyline that has the band members playing futuristic heroes out to take down “The Man.” (Except for that we already knew that.) In case you weren’t as Way-obsessed as we are, you’ll learn that Gerard Way is way (ha!) into comic books (his first job was in a comic book store!) and wants the band to be seen kind of like singing super heroes — hence the creepy masked villains marching around in the video. Oh, and the band’s guns are Nintendo-inspired (another thing we learned!). Mostly, we love finding out that the majority of the actors in the video are friends of the band. If we were famous, we fully intend to hire all of you to make cameos in our videos.


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