MCR: What’s in a logo? Scans [Kerrang Magazine]


We’ve Barely heard a whisper from the My Chemical Romance camp of late, with th band locked away working on their fifth album. But las week, that silence was punctured by the clanking of cogs, as the MCR machine whirred back into life: Totally out of the blue, got a radical face-lift, including a new ‘Tour’ page boasting the message ‘Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tou’. And if that wasn’t enough to send the MCRmy into a frenzy, the redesign also unveiled a brand new logo. No fanfare, no explanation, no announcement. Just a circle with some arrows and stuff.
Kerrang! called up all-round smart person (and K! reader, no less) Dr. Paul Cobley, Professor of Semiotics (the study of sings, or something) and Communications at London Metropolitan University, to see if he could work out what it all means….
Dr. Cobley speaks, while we listen and get a little confused…
“MCR’S NEW logo presents an image that’s clearly machine manufactured. whereas, say, the next of the logo from the Black Parade era of the band embeds nature of the calligrahy, this is an image susceptible of mass reproduction. The band’s name is reduced to initials – possibly an indication of the band’s confidence in the current status of its brand identily – while the logo can be easily reproduced. in this repect, it has much in common whit such universal and reproducible symbols such as that for anarchy or the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).
The other thing that these symbols have in common – and also, look at the dominant O of the Black Parade logo – is the use of circles. And obvious connotation here is of wholeness and encapsulation, particularly of a mission. This new logo also includes three smaller circles within it. These serve more that one purose. Firstlly, they act to further encapsulate the initials of the band. Secondly, the circles are presented with arrows protuding from them: clearly an approximate reproduction of the gender symbol for ´masculine´. Thirdly, once the arrows are considered in the equation, there is a futher association in that they resemble three guitars. 
The new MCR logo retains urbanity, but sibstitutes individuality embodies a more confident gesture. Wothout necessarily being self-effacing, it evinces no need to dramatically announce its own identily.”
It might not be new MCR material, but it’s far from a bad stopgap while we wait!. The guitarist is stepping out on his own with This Song Is a Curse, taken from the soundtrack to Disney animations Frankenweenie. It’s released on September 24, if you  want to anxiously stare at a calendar in anticipation.

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