Gerard Way, 1991 [Photo]

This photo this a the sale in Ebay:

Original photograph of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. 

OLD school pic. Still in nice condition with a couple fingerprints and scuffs,  a few marks, nothing too bad. 

I took this photo in 1991, another one from Gerard’s house in Belleville NJ, this is the original. 
He’s REALLY rocking out in his Iron Maiden shirt.
This is my LAST copy of the picture.  Any scans you see online are from my original photos.



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  1. What a cool picture! You might like to visit my new posting on MCR.. Or leave a comment with a link, part of the theme of the post (rather large as it is) providing cool links to relevant MCR related sites, so if you have any others let me know! 🙂 I’ll be sure to ok any comment from you.

    Here is my post


    Sasha 🙂

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