Best Thing About 2012: Conventional Weapons [Scans]

1. Conventional Weapons

How good is MCR’s Conventional Weapons?. Well, it’s not even properly out yet, and guys are already saying it was the Best Thing About 2012!. The songs that have trickled out online already have been so scorchingly good, though, we’ll forgive you for being more than a little excited about it. Take Boy Division: a song so ace that My Chemical Romance didn’t want to release it first time around… Okay, we’re joking, but it really is curious why this – and indeed, the other tunes they’ve released from Conventional Weapons thus far – were shelved, because it’s a total ripper that captures them in all the garage-punk-Queen glory.

So despite being away for an awful lot of the year, My Chem are still on top. Now if only they’d hurry up and make a proper new album.



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