Conventional Weapons Number Five


A-side: Surrender The Night

B-side: Burn Bright

Number 5 will be available on Tuesday, February 5 via iTunes, Amazon and My Chemical Romance Store.

“Actually now looking back on it, it definitely seems like we didn’t know what we wanted to do in the worst way. I like Danger Days because it’s very eclectic but there’s a cohesiveness in it because of the lyrics, the energy and the vibe. With the scrapped record, it was very disjointed. There were maybe five or six songs that kind of had Vampire Money type of energy mixed in with…. There were some good songs in there but they didn’t gel the right way. You can tell that the band was still unsure what the complete work was and we like to work on a complete thought and this definitely wasn’t.”Ray Toro in 2011 when asked about the scrapped album they had recorded and the lack of distinctiveness.

I think it was more that we were so excited to get back together to play again that we mistakenly were writing a record when we should have just been jamming together, not writing songs. By the end of that process, we ran out of time and were like “oh shit, well I guess we have to put out a record”Frank Iero.

“Which is never good. That’s what happened. We ran out of time in the studio. I don’t think anybody felt like that we had finished a full record.” – Ray Toro


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