MCR’s 10 greatest video moments by Kerrang Magazine

It’s still hard to believe right now but twelve years, six Kerrang! Awards and four albums after My Chemical Romance first burst onto the scene, it’s all over. With their famous last words still ringing in our ears we’ve put together a playlist of the band’s 10 greatest video moments.

Watch, singalong, laugh and even have a sneaky cry – not that we did, we just had something in our eye, honest. When you’re done let us know your personal favourite MCR moment of all time in the comments.

The immortal opening line:

For many fans, their first taste of My Chemical Romance was I’m Not Okay (I Promise), the debut single from their second record that propelled them into the international spotlight. It may have been eight years since these immortal lines were uttered but has there ever been a better start to a music video since?

“You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. You can’t swim, can’t dance, and you don’t know karate. Face it, you’re never gonna make it.”
“I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna–“:

The first ever MCR music video:

Even in this low budget video for their debut record, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002), you can see the early potential that MCR possessed. You can also see Frank Iero’s dreadlocks. Weird!:


The 2005 Kerrang! Awards:

Kerrang! and our readers certainly saw the band’s potential and 2005 saw the MCR receive a whopping five Kerrang! Award nominations, taking the award for Best Video for Helena and beating Green Day, Foo Fighters, Trivium and System Of A Down to take home Best Album:


The no underwear announcement at Download 2005:

“I know something you don’t…” yells Gerard. “I’m not wearing any underwear! We’re gonna get sexy for a minute!” Just part of the madness that was My Chem’s Download 2005 set:

The number 1 single:

This is the song that took the band from The Black Parade to the top of the hit parade, earning them the UK number 1 single spot. Coupled with one of the most iconic videos of a generation, there’s nothing much more to say other than play this masterpiece loud:


The behind the scenes of that iconic video:

Take Gerard Way’s vision, combine it with Sam Bayer’s (the guy who did music videos for The Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Nirvana etc) directing skills, add a hundred or so extras, some buckets full of dust and costumes fit for a feature film. What do you get? A visual and stylistic bombshell. This mini documentary shows how the whole thing was brought together:


The pre-headline slot Kerrang! Podcast at Reading 2011:

Shortly before their Reading 2011 headline slot Mikey and Gerard spoke on the Kerrang! Podcast about having a surprise for the show lined up that was “Better than jetpacks”…:


The incredible Brian May moment:

And here’s that incredible “better than jetpacks” Reading moment; My Chemical Romance playing We Will Rock You with Queen’s Brian May as they headline Reading 2011. Truly epic:


The ghostly Kerrang! Awards 2012 acceptance speech:

They also gave us one of the strangest Kerrang! Award acceptance videos of all time when they won Best International Band 2012:


The catchiest song in the world?:

Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny…” will there ever be a song catchier than Na Na Na? We’re inclined to say no no no there won’t:

Bonus video number 11:

There were too many moments to choose from and this video is just too great to leave out. So long and goodnight MCR:





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