Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro in the new album of James Dewees


We are officially half way there everybody! 9 days in, I am so grateful for everyone backing the new record! I’ve had lots of emails and comments that have all been so great and informative. I hope one of you engaged people decides to go with the wedding. And some of you people considering private shows and personal songs, I know they are a little bit more money, but I guarantee they will be one of the best things you buy this year! Anyways wanted to let you guys know, I have been reaching out to a lot of my musical friends and I can say that I have enlisted some serious talent to help me on the record.  Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance( one of my favorite vocalists) has agreed to sing on a song. Anthony Green of Circa Survive(another one of my favorite vocalists) has also agreed to sing on a song. I am super stoked to sing with them. Some sweet guitars by Ray Toro, some sweet screams by Frank Iero. ( Frank and Gerard were both actually Hungary Bear on tour way back when). 

These are just some of the amazing talent that will be making guest appearences. I made another video for you.  Listen to the song in the background, it is another new one.  But I took out the main verses and substituted “do’s”. Ha ha, I actually kind of like it with the “do’s” and then the chorus. 

I am so ready to share the fluxuation song with you, I can hardly wait til we get to 30. I hope you guys enjoy the video! Its from me to you! Sorry about Talullah. She never stops! And the photo at the end wasn’t on halloween, it was just how I rolled when I was a break dancer…I think I was 9 in it. 

chicken remix is waiting for you all!!!! 

Thanks so much backers you are the best!


To help fund the new album from James Reggie and the full effect, visit


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  1. Was Mikey Way not invited

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