AP #300 – Remake Remodel Run Renovate [Reimagined by Gerard Way]



Reimagined by Gerard Way

One thing that never falls to get AP staffers stoked is the marking of various anniversaries and milestones in tour storied existence. Our 300th issue was certainly no exception, and we wanted to do something different. We didn’t want to retread our history like we did for our 20th anniversary. There was no need to have new-gen acts reenact classic covers, as we did on our 25th year. We considered history, but stayed focused on the here and now. We thought about our magazine as a vinyl record in a world of sound files: how do you make something tried and true into something special?

We approached GERARD WAY, the frontman/ chief conceptualist behind post-emo juggernaut MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE about what we wanted to do. We asked the singer – who is also a well-trained artist and designer – how he would approach certain parts of his former band’s legacy. MCR’s first (AP 197, Dec. 2004, written by then-managing editor Leslie Simon) sold out quickly, was unavailable for years and has been the subject of many a reader inquiry as to where they could find a copy. We asked Way to give us some commentary about that issue, suggesting he reminisce about the process, the writer, the locales –  any memories he could share exclusively with his fans and AP readers.

He did one better: He turned our 300th issue into an art project, something unprecedented in the history of AP. What followers is his artistic rehaul of the original feature in a cut ‘n’ paste style, with plenty of cryptic and collaged commentary. For an added layer of texture, Way embedded a short story in the art, reminiscent of MCR’s final album. Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk read. (For those of you who missed Simon’s original story, we reprinted it at the end of  Way’s visual ¨remix,¨ so to speak.) We’re honored to have Way back in our pages again, helping to shake thins up here, as well as inspiring readers in their own artistic pursuits, regardless of medium.

Chapter Two

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