Leave Home Reimagined by Gerard Way #5


“Kid loves lemonade,” said Rich as the pair studied the room. Jean pulled his waxed grey overcoat closer, feeling a chill it was dead quiet.

On the terrace overlooking the room, a door opened at the end of the ball, spilling out breakbeats and air tragedy. Two figures, one large, one small, stepped out from the doorway and paused. The larger figure crouched down so the smaller could climb its shoulders.

Rich and Jean looked up to see pink, seated on the shoulders of a nude, near-morbidly obese woman wearing a pink ski-mask, marking their way down the stairs. Gray light from the large windows bathed the room, the occasional bean of dead sun hitting them.

“Julius tells me you have a twin brother.” Pink spoke in his conditioned, monotone voice as his carrier made it to the base of the stairs. This always made anything he said more unnerving because you couldn’t tell when he was angry.

“I thought Julius was on Mars,” chimed Rich, trying to buy Jean time, who he could sense was shifting in his seat.

“He is. in Icaria. Running Thezatine”

A large male hiver stepped into the room through two, large, lower level doors bisecting Pink’s path. He made his way over to the serving tray, setting down the shotgun he was carrying on the table. He began to squeeze one of the lemons into pitcher. Rich and Jean watched. The obese woman kneeled down with some effort and Pink climbed down and onto the largest and most ornate chair in the room, at the head. The woman look a place at Pink’s side, standing by his chair. Then Pink turned to the pair and spoke.

“That’s where Julius said he met him.”

Jean shifted, and began.

“I’m not positive I have a twin. I mean anything is possible, but there isn’t a whole lot to go on. My psychic…”

“Julius said your twin fired a weapon at him before fleeing. Also t___ he is identical,” said Pink, as if the knew for sure.

The male hiver’s large hands squeezed another lemon into the flask of water. Jean locked eyes with Pink but Rich stared blankly at the squeeze.

“Maybe Julius is sipping into the Thezatine,” said Rich and he started to laugh Pink stared at him as the large hiver poured the o___re coffee can of sugar into the mix…He begun to stuff Pink said nothing.”

“Quan is dead,” said Jean.

The mal__ poured the lemonade into three glasses, setting the first down in front of Pink who grabbed it immediately and began to wolf it down in one of those the moments where his age betrayed him politely, Rich and lean look a sup. All sugar   

“Quan is dead,” Pink repeated, after an exhale of satisfaction. 

“Quan couldn’t be helped” he added, setting his glass down and staring at the two of them. It was refilled. 

“Some days, I wake up and all I want to do is go outside and play,” he continued “But the world won’t let me play…” 

“So I wake up and kill everyone instead.”

He drank the next lemonade even faster fuch and Jean just stared at him. When be half-flaished, he paused, looking at there. 

“I just want to watch cartoons,” he said hollow.

At this started sobbing, as Pink drank more lemonade.

“this is fucked up,” Rich said to Jean, who was looking at the sobbing male.

Pink slowly finished his glass and for three long minutes the only sounds in the room were gulping and sobbing.

“i need both of ____ to kill the Geisha,” Pink finally said.

The male left the room the way he came in, and continued to weep until he became distant Three more minutes passed and rich started to quietly passed and Rich started to quietly chuckle to himself. The obese woman, who had been totally motionless at table, where she lifted the serving tray, revealing 1…0 black ensel pes bearing the digital seal of H.E.L


Rich stopped chuckling, Jean squinted his eyes, and the both of them stared at the ominous envelopes at the center of the naked white space.

“Those are real, aren’t the?” asked Jean, and be turned to look at pink.

Pink stared back.

“One way. Bargain Sleepers P.I Quarter nutrients. Two days time from now. Arrives a Electric next Thursday.”

“What if we say no?” asked rich

“Non-refundable,” added Pink in monotone.

“We’re gonna need some better tunes, ” said Jean

“Smooth jazz,” said pink

The pair stared at Pink, and Pink stared back.

And a faint crying could be heard. 


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