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Nada Recording Studio posts My Chemical Romance ‘I Brought You My Bullets…’ studio footage


Nada Recording Studio, with whom My Chemical Romance recorded their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love have released an instagram video with unseen footage from the recording session. 

At the time of Bullets’ recording in early 2002, according to MCR in their 2006 documentary Life On The Murder Scene, Nada was merely “John Naclerio’s basement,” where they would often have to pause their work while Naclerio’s mother vacuumed upstairs.

Watch them work on “Drowning Lessons,” “Headfirst For Halos” and more in the brief video below:



GRAPHIC 2013: Grant Morrison & Gerard Way at Sydney Opera House in October


Gerard will be joining Grant Morrison for a panel discussion at Graphic 2013 in Sydney in October. 

Prepare for the rock and graphic universes to collide in this GRAPHIC exclusive – a comic book highlight featuring the former My Chemical Romance frontman and Umbrella Academy creator in conversation with the visionary writer behind The Invisibles and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Combining the biggest rock star of comic writing with the biggest comic writing rock star on earth, this event is not to be missed by any self respecting comic reader, rock fan, or earthling! The visionary creator behind The Invisibles, Batman: Arkham Asylum, New X-Men, All-Star Superman and the upcoming DC project Multiversity, Grant Morrison, joins forces with the Eisner-winning creator of The Umbrella Academy and former My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way in an in-depth conversation of rock ‘n’ roll proportions!

This incredible evening will cover Grant’s comics career for both indies and majors including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Invisibles, Multiversity together with Gerard’s current and past comics work including The Umbrella Academy  plus a broad scope of topics encompassing music, art, creativity and all things in between. 

Renowned for revamping iconic characters and entire superhero universes, Morrison has garnered a god-like status for living a life mirrored by his comic book creations – utilising everything from alien abductions to chaos magic to inspire some of the most groundbreaking story lines in comic history.

Yet it is with the million plus-selling album The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys that legions of My Chemical Romance fans were first lured into the mystical world of Grant Morrison, playing the villainous Korse in the hit music videos for ‘Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)’ and ‘SING’.

A comic / animation obsessive and Grant Morrison devotee since his early days interning at Cartoon Network, Gerard Way has proved to be an artistic powerhouse in both the graphic and musical spheres – releasing his debut comic series The Umbrella Academy on the prestigious Dark Horse Comics. Now set for an exclusive appearance at GRAPHIC, Gerard Way and Grant Morrison will reveal their biggest collaboration yet…


K!: What Mikey Way Did Next!?

wscan k!


FIRST THERE was Frank Iero, with his new band, Death Spells. Then there was Ray Toro, unveiling a new song, Isn’t That Something, through his personal SoundCloud account. And then, last week, Gerard Way revealed the lyrics to his latest track, Millions.

This week, though, it’s Mikey Way’s turn to unveil his future project in the wake of  My Chemical Romance’s shock break-up five months ago.

Until now, the younger Way had been the quietest of the quartet – his post-My Chem movements remaining relatively unknown as Gerard, Frank and Ray revealed their plans.

Yet Mikey has evidently been just as busy as all three of his former bandmates, with the bassist joining the frotman of New Jersey-based band New London Fire, David Debiak, in the studio.

The band revealed the news last week by posting an image of Mikey laying a guitar – rather than a bass –  on their Twitter page, @NewLondonFire (above). It would appear, though, tat the duo’s work is taking place outside of New London Fire, after the band’s earlier announcement that, “David will be taking a hiatus from NLF to work in a new project; new name, new songs, with an old friensd.”

New London Fire were labelmates with My Chemical Romance during the pair’s time on the now-defunct Eyeball Records, under which MCR released their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.

Quite what the project will sound like, or even when or if it will see the light of day, remains unclear, as the duo are staying tight-lipped on their plans.

One MCR man who has broken his silence though, is Frank Iero –  and you can read our world exclusive catch-up with the frotman in Kerrang! on sale September 4. You won’t believe what he’s been working on , either…


Kerrang Magazine – Scan





Frank Iero releases new demo, “joyriding”


Frank Iero, former My Chemical Romance guitarist and Death Spells vocalist, has released a new demo titled “joyriding.”

Read the song’s backstory and lyrics, originally posted on his blog, and stream the song below:

“hi…so today i ended up having a very nice conversation about music and other things with Sam Coare from Kerrang! Magazine. after i got off the phone i went down into my basement and wrote this song. Sam and i had talked about inspiration and creativity, and i told him i go through periods of making things and then a week later hating 

everything i’ve made and destroying it all. i told him i’d like to try and experiment with creating something and releasing it before i have a chance to hate myself for making it. so when i wrote this song it almost seemed like a dare…

joyriding. (demo)
i’m not sure what they said, but if it’s true i’ll bet
it’s just one more thing i’ll regret.
i hate my weaknesses, they made me who i am.
‘yea it’s cool i’ll be ok’
as i felt your pain wash over me, so i dry your eyes and hide my shakes
because i hate that look that’s on your face.
these things inside my head, they never make much sense.
so i wouldn’t hold my breath…
i hope i die before they save my soul.
‘yea it’s cool i’ll be ok’
as i felt your pain wash over me, so i dry your eyes and hide my shakes
because i hate that look that’s on your face.
don’t hang up, because i don’t have anyone left here
don’t give up, don’t hang on to anything i’ve said.
i hate my weaknesses, they made me who i am

it makes no difference, i’m insignificant.

‘yea it’s cool i’ll be ok’
as i felt your pain wash over me, so i dry your eyes and hide my shakes
because i hate that look that’s on your face
and this is not the end for us.

-2013 frnkiero”

Hear HERE the new demo “joyriding.”

This latest song from Iero lies somewhere between his more melodic leanings (as seen in arecent solo acoustic 

performance for the Going Off Track podcast) and experimentation with elements of noise (a la Death Spells.)

The song also sounds slightly more in the vein of “This Song Is A Curse,” which he released in 2012. In a recent interview with Epiphone, he had revealed that in addition to Death Spells, he is also working on another new project, the sound of which he likened to something more like the above.

Though, this latest posting is obviously spur-of-the-moment and unattached to any project save for Iero’s personal SoundCloud, which once boasted a cover of the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” (it has since been deleted) and a Christmas parody song.


Mikey Way posts studio photos

Former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way is currently recording with members of New Jersey-based New London Fire.

View some of their recent tweets below:




From the photos, it appears that both Dave Debiak (New London Fire) and Way are playing guitar during their current recording session.

Fans of MCR may recognize the name “New London Fire” as one that Way was credited with coming up with in the band’s 2006 documentary Life On The Murder Scene. NLF were previously signed to MCR’s first label, Eyeball Records.


The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #5 (Gabriel Ba Variant Cover)



“To put it as clearly as possible . . . there is something wrong with you and we are going to fix it.”

Better Living Industries works to reeducate Korse and is met with deadly consequences just as the Girl learns lessons from her forgotten past. The big battle is brewing in the sands of the desert as the Killjoys march on Battery City!

* From Gerard Way, creator of The Umbrella Academy!

* One of Wired magazine’s and IGN’s Most Anticipated Comics of 2013!

“Buy into the hype. Killjoys . . . is killin’ it.”—Newsarama


Writer: Gerard Way, Shaun Simon
Artist: Becky Cloonan
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Gabriel Bá
Genre: Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction
Publication Date: October 09, 2013