Frank Iero performs new songs live


Frank Iero, former guitarist of My Chemical Romance and current vocalist in Death Spells and a yet-unnamed solo venture, made a personal appearance at the opening of A&M Music Center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey today, where he performed a solo acoustic set.

Videos from the opening show Iero playing “joyriding.,” which he recently revealed on SoundCloud, leading to a sing-along from the intimate crowd, “Stage Four Fear Of Success,” which he also played at his live appearance on the Going Off Track podcast and another new song for which a title hasn’t been posted yet.

Check out the performances below.

“Stage Four Fear Of Success”


New Song (no title available on YouTube)




Many thanks to the YouTube users who uploaded these.

Iero ended his day with the following tweets about the in-store performance and meet-and-greet:



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  1. Glad Frank’s striking out on his own. He has a good voice I never knew was there. 🙂 The song’s called ‘Stage 4: Fear of Success’.

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