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My Chemical Romance Fans Launch Goodbye Tour Petition


Devastated My Chemical Romance fans have launched a petition calling on their idols to play a swansong tour.

Set up by Cameron Lee immediately after My Chemical Romance announced their split in the early hours of Saturday morning, the petition goes by the headline ‘My Chemical Romance: Have one last World Tour to say goodbye to their fans.’

It goes on to plead: “They ended so abruptly without saying goodbye to their fans properly, and the MCRmy is upset. They need to do it correctly if they’re going to do it at all.”

At the time of writing, the petition has amassed 6,439 signatures. Click here to add your name if you feel compelled.

Distressed fans have also been posting messages on the site detailing their love for Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray.

One wrote: “My Chemical Romance saved my life. They always near when I push “play” on my phone. They’re my second family. I love them.”

Another used repetition to hammer their point across: “i never got to see them live, i never got to see them live, I NEVER GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE.”

Formed in New Jersey in 2001, My Chemical Romance released four studio albums and sold over 8million records in their 12 year career.

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