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My Chemical Romance split: rock reacts


My Chemical Romance have announced the end of the band after 12 years together. This is hard for us, but we have to keep us alive!

Some stars gave their opinion via Twitter: 


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MCR: The new album! [Kerrang Magazine]



Gerard Way and Mat Devine join forces on the Kill Hannah man’s solo record!

KILL HANNAH frontman Mat Devine might currently be busy recording music minus the help of his bandmaster, but the vocalist haven’t been too lonely in the studio – he’s had a guest to keep him company!

“Gerard and I have known each other from the very beginning”

Mat says of his friendship with the My Chemical Romance frontman.

“I have the first ever cassette that My Chem did and Mikey [Way MCR bassist] was at one time going to be in Kill Hannah. He was a 16-years-old kid, and I had to talk to his mom on the phone because we wanted him to fly out Chicago! (Laugh) That’s how long we’re known each other!”-

Luckily for Mat, Gerard certainly didn’t need permission from anyone to fly to Los Angeles last week and work on a track for Gold Blooded, the frontman’s first solo album, which will be released this summer.

“The track we worked on is a real daring song” Mat reveals “It’s a ballad a very tender love-song dutt intended for a guy and a girl called Falling In Love Will Kill You. When Gerard and I sing it together, something really crazy happens. The song is also a real statement” he continues. “I say it’s daring because as far as I know, I’ve never heard two male singers in a love-song dutt. It was one of those things where the minute Gerard got in the [studio’s vocal] booth, everyone started high-fiving. It was wonderful, one of those moments that you know you’ll always remember.”


Matt also has a message for Kill Hannah fans who are worried about yet another delay to the band’s first album since 2009.

“We’ve finished writing a new record, and it’s insane but in terms of actually releasing it, the conversations are endless” Mat admits “We’ve been through four managers and three major record labels, so going forward…we need everything to be right. And realistically, that means it won’t be out until 2014.”

In the meantime, though, Mat attentions are all about Gold Blooded – and maybe returning the favour to Gerard.

“If all works out, I’m definitely gonna head down and do some vocals in the next My Chemical Romance album” Mat says. “We’ll see. This is the most Gerard and I have hung out in a long time though, and I don’t want to be the guy hanging around outside his house [laughs]”

Mat Devone’s Gold Blooded is scheduled for release in August 6


“There are six songs – and I’ve heard four!”

Mat spills the beans on the top-secret new MCR record! He’s like a rock spy…

Gerard Way’s not only been busy working with Mat on his sale EP, it the Kill Hannah mean is to be believed. Oh no -Gerard’s also been busy tackling (deep breath, now) the next My Chemical Romance album. And Mat’s heard some of it!

“It’s incredible!” Mat says of one of rock’s most anticipated records. “It’s a slightly new territory; it’s an evolution. I’ve heard four new songs. It’s exactly in line with what My Chem fans will be thrilled to hear, but at the same time it really marks what I think is a new phase [for the band]. It’s super-refreshing, but at the same time familiar in the way you want it to be.”

And Mat would know, too, as he hast first-hand experience of some of the songs!

“Gerard has air songs, and he’s looking for some more” Mat says. “It’d be kind of impact on the record be’s making, but I’m asking [about it] might be turning his head a little bit. If you don’t mind. Matt..we’ll be sending you a list of thing’s we’d love to sing  on that new MCR record” be a pai and plant a few atem it’s Gerard’s mind for us, would ya?

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Gerard Way tracks guest vocals for Mat Devine (Kill Hannah) solo project


Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine (pictured left) is currently recording his first solo LP, Gold Blooded, which will apparently feature vocals from My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way. Check out posts from the studio: 


“DAY 13: THANK U @Gerardway for recording such gorgeous vocals! What a day. #goldblooded” -Mat Devine



“Gerard is a MASTER in the booth! Absolutely incredible vocals today. Thank you for lending your incredible gift to #goldblooded!! @godaveygo” -thesloney

Gerard also visited Devine in studio earlier this month to sign his Gold Blooded guestbook, and according to an instagram post, was equipped with new MCR demos:


“DAY 8: AMAZING studio visit from great friend @gerardway -generously lending his wisdom- and geeking over our fav bands! #goldblooded” – Mat Devine




“Gerard Way stopped by the studio today, listened to tracks, played us some MCR demos (!!!) and signed @matdevineslife’s guest book! #goldblooded #studiosessions” -thesloney