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My Chemical Romance to release Greatest Hits album in January


This morning, a listing was unearthed from the release calendar of Hits Daily Double claiming My Chemical Romance, who disbanded in March, would have a new release out in January, 2014.

Even with the caveat that this could most likely be nothing more than a singles compilation, fan hopes immediately ran wild. So, we reached out to the band’s camp for further information in hopes of diminishing the rumors stirred by the vague listing.

Midday, we received confirmation that the release, slated for January 21, 2014, would not be new MCR material and tweeted the clarification to fans. 


Now, former MCR frontman Gerard Way has addressed the rumors, stating, “The release is a Greatest Hits Warner Bros is putting out.”




Gerard Way posts lyrics of new song, “Millions”


Gerard Way has posted the lyrics of a new song titled “Millions,” which he notes is about “a group of jewel thieves.”

“Everything is fine,” Way prefaces. “Then everything goes horribly wrong.”

Read the lyrics below:

“So I’ll just put them here-*note-This is a song about a group of jewel thieves. Everything is fine, then everything goes horribly wrong. “


“You twist my arm
I’m twisting fate
You’ll leave alone, or crazy great
Or break into a million pieces, all your reasons

Lets live alone
And out of state
Lets make up everything and wake up breathing
Don’t give a damn about the wreck you leave in

You can use my friends, but that depends-

On what [they’re] for
And while we’re laying on the floor
My mouth is sore
I’m keeping score
A million reasons but I need a million more

You believe in love
I believe in faith
They’ll believe in anything, you make up villains
A trillion legions of the damned and William,
It was really me
It was really you
There was really nothing I could do
Until then,
Lets use our magic powers with the children

You don’t understand, we don’t hold hands

Come catch me, run
Cuz I’m not having any fun
I think you’re sore
I think I’m done
A million reasons

Can I be your number one?

Yeah. Yeah.”

As for when this song will actually be released for your ears, Way offered no answer when asked by a fan:



The former My Chemical Romance frontman hinted yesterday that he may be able to reveal details of his next project as early as next week. Whether these lyrics are related to that, we cannot confirm.

Still, you can read our post detailing some of the hints he’s dropped about future musical ventures so far.



Gerard way possibly revealing new project next week; the hints he’s dropped so far


This morning, former My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way teased on Twitter that he may be able to reveal some of the details of his next artistic step as early as next week.


Here’s what he’s hinted at already to tide you over:

-“What [he’s] up to next” unlikely to be releated to comics. Way has noted several times recently that post-Killjoys he plans to step away from comics for a bit.

-Still, we can’t guarantee that he’s hinting at revealing music. Way has been known to dabble in many mediums, but if it is music

-His new musical project is unlikely to be a solo venture. (“I feel that if I was going to do something like what they do, I’d have to be a lot older and I’d need a lot more life experience.”)

-He has described the project as being “connected deeply to what [he] was before [he] started My Chemical Romance”

As sound goes: He has been working a lot with guitar and with the fuzz pedal-distorted sound in particular post-MCR. He first hinted at this in his Twitlonger post about MCR’s break up, telling fans he still has the Fender Stratocaster he wrote their first song “Skylines And Turnstiles,” on, noting “He has a voice, and I would like to hear what it has to say.”



-“Zero Zero:” the song he posted on his personal SoundCloud, DannyTheStreet, last December:

We recommend going through Way’s Twitter feed to find more hidden-in-plain-view clues.

Stay tuned!


Gerard Way posts fan mail address; reflects on MCR albums


Gerard Way, vocalist of recently disbanded My Chemical Romance has released a public fanmail address via Twitter. The singer prefaces use of the address will two guidelines: “1. I cannot pass along anything to anyone else. 2. Don’t make it weird.”

Fans can send mail to Way at the following address: 

Gerard Way
P.O. Box 572800
Tarzana, CA 91357

Way has also recently opened up communications about MCR’s body of work on Twitter. Check out a stream of tweets reflecting on The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, below. According to tweets, Way plans to re-visit Danger Days… possibly on Sunday with Bullets to follow. 

1 2 3 4

4 5 6 78 89



Send Gerard letters or gifts you! Let your creativity flow, but please, honor his guidelines, nothing that would make him uncomfortable!…No send Fanfics ok!

My Chemical Rumours #K!


It’s been just over 36 hours since delivered you the famous last words of My Chemical Romance and all that we have to console us is a brief black blog post on the band’s official website and a short tweet from Gerard Way.

Meanwhile, in the time that has passed since the story broke, Twitter has been buzzing with rumours. One rumour in particular however seems to be snowballing; the idea that MCR have ‘split’ in order to leave their record label, making them free to reform under a different name and continue with the same members and a fresh start.

Whilst there’s no concrete evidence or proof for this, and no further official statements have been made to confirm or deny the rumour, we couldn’t help but try and put some of the pieces together.

Are we all just in denial? Is this just the wishful thinking of die hard fans or is there really more than meets the eye? Call us K! conspiracy nuts, but let’s look at what we know so far…

The black blog post:

Let’s face it, a paragraph doesn’t seem like a fitting way to call time on a twelve year journey and for one of the biggest bands on the planet to say goodbye. For all we know there may be a bigger statement to follow, but the existing black blog post just seems too abrupt and seems to leave too many things unsaid – it’s a gesture bordering on cold and an undeniably abrupt end to something that means so much to so many people.

Houdini and the final tweet:

Gerard Way’s final tweet, below, contains a picture of Harry Houdini, the famous escapologist, undertaking a dramatic escape as a publicity stunt. Is this all an elaborate publicity stunt? Could this be a hint that the members of MCR are trying to escape their label?

Is the image a reference to the opening line of the video to I’m Not Okay (I Promise), [“You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. You can’t swim, can’t dance, and you don’t know karate. Face it, you’re never gonna make it.“] – If so what does this mean?

We know for sure that the image appears on the sleeve of the band’s first record. Could this be a hint at a rebirth for the band? Whatever the case, like the black blog post, it almost feels too short to be sincere.

Want to know something spooky? Today is Houdini’s birthday.


The fifth studio album:

Until the sudden split My Chemical Romance were hard at work on their fifth studio record. How can a band go from sculpting their future to dissolving everything that they have overnight? To us, this just doesn’t add up.

The people closest to MCR’s reactions:

Lyn-z Way, Gerard’s wife published an extended tweet that stated, amongst other things, “I understand the need for change and the desire to begin again” and “The future starts right now. A new adventure is about to take place and I for one will be on that ride! 
Who’s coming with me?” – if you read this in light of the rumour that MCR are trying to reboot in order to leave their label then this post has some extremely interesting implications.

Then there’s the intriguing case of Mat Devine from Kill Hannah’s tweet, below. He’s a close personal friend of Gerard, is this a sign that there’s more to come from MCR? Or even a collaboration between Gerard and Mat?


The previous use of alter egos:

My Chem are no newcomers to using alter-egos and pseudonyms. When we saw them in 2006 they announce on the PA that My Chemical Romance would not be performing, and then played under the pseudonym of The Black Parade. Plus on the last record they referred to themselves as The Fabulous Killjoys. Could the abrupt split be little more than a name change? What would happen to the recordings that have been completed for album number five in that were the case?

Frank Iero’s new band?:

Finally there’s a blog post circulating that states that Frank Iero and James Dewees of The Get Up Kids are starting a new electronic hardcore band. What impact will this have on MCR?

All we have right now is speculation and questions, but make sure to keep your eyes on for more updates and all the latest facts as we get them.

Be sure to add your take on these clues and rumours below. Is there more to come from the members of My Chemical Romance?


Gerard Way posts new song on Soundcloud!


My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way has posted “Zero Zero,” a song featuring his vocals, on Soundcloud under the name DannyTheStreet. The mysterious song does not appear to be connected to My Chemical Romance.

Listen “Zero, Zero” HERE