Gerard Way tracks guest vocals for Mat Devine (Kill Hannah) solo project


Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine (pictured left) is currently recording his first solo LP, Gold Blooded, which will apparently feature vocals from My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way. Check out posts from the studio: 


“DAY 13: THANK U @Gerardway for recording such gorgeous vocals! What a day. #goldblooded” -Mat Devine



“Gerard is a MASTER in the booth! Absolutely incredible vocals today. Thank you for lending your incredible gift to #goldblooded!! @godaveygo” -thesloney

Gerard also visited Devine in studio earlier this month to sign his Gold Blooded guestbook, and according to an instagram post, was equipped with new MCR demos:


“DAY 8: AMAZING studio visit from great friend @gerardway -generously lending his wisdom- and geeking over our fav bands! #goldblooded” – Mat Devine




“Gerard Way stopped by the studio today, listened to tracks, played us some MCR demos (!!!) and signed @matdevineslife’s guest book! #goldblooded #studiosessions” -thesloney

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