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Dear friends, the March 22 was is a day we will never forget, all this tragic news hit us all in different ways.

My Chemical Romance came into our hearts and helped us in life in different ways, some people had the great opportunity to go to          concerts and listen to their songs live, some people had the miracle of being able to meet them, chat with them, take pictures with them and ask for an autograph.

MCRmy is stronger than it looks, so I would like to wish you my dear friends, shared your story with us, you can talk about anything, for example:

  • ¿How you met MCR?
  • ¿How helped you MCR in you life?
  • ¿How you felt when MCR announced his separation?

Things like that. not necessarily have those options, just gave them an idea to be inspired.

If you ever you were to one of their concerts or you meet to mcr, tell us your experience , if you have photos or videos would be even better. The best stories, photos or videos will be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Ah! also you can send your artworks.

No matter if it is in English or in Spanish, the only thing that matters is your story.

You can send your stories through inbox by Facebook or Twitter, or our email Don’t forget to put your name, city and country.

Thanks to all the people who follow us on social media, thanks for helping us grow. MCRmy is strong and always will be!